Pelican Pete’s Auction Item
Sponsor’s name will be mentioned at at the annual auction and item featured at the auction


In Kind
Sponsor’s name will be mentioned at an event where they provided in-kind support

Pierpont Proud: $ 250.00
Sponsor’s name will be on the School T-shirt and Sponsorship Banner (deadline is Oct 1 for banner and t-shirt inclusion).   Banner is displayed at Pierpont and Peninsula Rd in Ventura and is seen by most of the Ventura Keys residents. You will also get a presentation grade certificate to showcase in your business.

Pierpont Sponsor: $ 500.00
Proud level benefits plus a feature in our social media featuring your organization.  Premium placement on the banner and T-shirt

Pierpont Benefactor: $ 750.00
Sponsor level benefits plus your organization will be mentioned at all of our events.  Generally the PTA organizes a carnival, dance-a-thon, jog-a-thon, talent show, and parent auction


Pierpont Patron: $ 1,000.00

Benefactor level benefits plus you will be featured as a business of the month and you will be mentioned in the yearbook.   A business of the month is a featured business on all the publications in that month and Pierpont families are actively encouraged to engage highlighted businesses. Limited to 10 sponsors.


Event Sponsor $ 2,500.00

Patron benefits plus your organization is associated with one of the events.  For Example the Social Tap Parent Auction, or the FileYourTaxes.com Dance-A-Thon.  Limited to 5 sponsors.